Everybody gets one.

•July 31, 2008 • Leave a Comment

This is the first of many posts which will be displaying my most recent artwork. I am yet another artist that hopes to dazzle you with my coat hanger display of the Virgin Mary. Don’t run, I was just kidding.

I think the Masters would die all over again if they came back and saw what has become of what they created. Anyway, my work is of the painting persuasion or as I like to say rainbow brain splatters. I hope they elicit some devious emotions even amongst the care bears of the art community. Indeed.

I will also be doing drafts for my graphic novel which is obviously still in the very early stages but is proving to be quite the handful. Which I embrace seeing as I know the hard work/effort put into it will most definitely shine throughout every page. I like to feign optimism it helps with my sleep deprivation.

So,I will be setting up links amongst other things as soon as I design the page to my liking.  I am hoping to accomplish this task when my eyes stop sneezing from all the dust I inhaled while cleaning earlier today.

Yes, eyes can sneeze.

They are just not the attention whores noses seem to be.

So with that important issue out of the way….

I now give you something you rarely have or enjoy.